Doctoral Hooding

How Doctoral Hooding Works

The hooding ceremony is a unique recognition of the achievement of each student who has earned a doctorate or final master’s degree.

Each doctoral candidate is introduced individually during the ceremony. You will have your hood placed on you in front of the stage on the field. Both doctoral candidates and their faculty mentors should review these guidelines before Commencement.

See an example of how the hooding works.

Faculty Mentors

Your faculty mentor will hood you as a doctoral candidate. If you do not have a mentor present, a Commencement marshal will hood you.

The Procession

  • You and your peers will walk into Carroll Stadium and sit according to school. You will follow the red school banners through the hall to guide you to your seat.
  • If you’re hooded by a mentor, please walk in and sit with them.
  • While you are robing in the lineup, you’ll receive two name cards to fill out. Fill out the cards with your name, making sure it is legible. The cards are for announcing you during the ceremony. If you think the announcer may not know how to pronounce your name, include pronunciation help.
  • You should have your hoods unfolded and draped over the left arm. Carry your name cards in your right hand.

Instructions for Hooding

  • Once your school is announced, stand with the person who is hooding you and walk to the stage. A marshal will give you instructions for where and how to get to the stage.
  • Your hooder will wait in front of the stage near a platform. Students without a hooder follow the direction of the marshals.
  • You will climb several steps to the stage. Please contact us if you have any difficulty climbing stairs.
  • You will give your name cards to the reader, and they will introduce you. You will then walk across the stage.
  • Once you leave the stage, walk in front of the stage.
  • Your faculty mentor or a marshal will hood you. For the hooding, you should remove your cap and face away from the hooder. Once you’re hooded, return to your seat.